Connecting to BackBlaze B2 storage

BackBlaze uses a variety of different account-related parameters when you connect to this service with a 3rd party app like Transmit.

  • Account ID
  • Master Application Key
  • Application Key
  • Application Key Id

To connect in Transmit, we require the use of one of the following two combinations when connecting to BackBlaze B2:

  1. Account ID and Master Application Key
  2. Application Key ID and Application Key

Option 1 is the most common method of connecting and gives Transmit the ability to see all buckets associated with your account. If you’re using BB2 as a personal backup solution, this is likely the option you want. You can pull up the required keys and IDs from the “Buckets” section of the BB2 web panel.

Option 2 allows you to give Transmit the ability to see a single bucket instead of everything. Once your bucket settings and permissions are configured via BB2’s web panel, add the Application Key ID to Transmit’s Account ID field, and the Application Key to the Master Application Key field.

This article was last updated on January 30, 2019