Transmit 5 Release Notes

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  • October 25, 2017


  • Included Panic Sync settings shortcut to first-launch window
  • Added support for %h token in SSH Config file IdentityFile key


  • Updated Dropbox icon
  • Removed possible beep when selecting remote folders with Quick Look


  • Hopefully resolved an issue that could cause Transmit revert to an un-registered state
  • Resolved an issue with S3 Clones that would cause some actions to fail with an invalid signature
  • Improved accessiblity support for the file path bar control
  • Transmit Disk no longer fails to mount when System Language is in Japanese
  • Droplets could fail to run when using state restoration in some cases
  • Restoring state to non-existent local folder now correctly draws the tab
  • Resolved and issue where AppleScript uploads could fail with error
  • Skipping folders, via transfer rule or interface, will now transfer subsequent files correctly
  • Corrected File Transfer Activity tooltips after an error occurred
  • Capped Get Info file refresh to 10 files
  • Renaming a new folder now updates the title in the inspector window
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when cancelling an operation
  • Resolved an exception that could appear when viewing the activity queue pop-over on macOS 10.13
  • Fixed some minor issues when running on macOS 10.13


  • October 2, 2017


  • S3: Dual Stack Endpoint support
  • S3: Direct endpoint URL support
  • Added the ability to drag folders from the path bar
  • Transmit Disk: Now supports macOS 10.13. (Follow the prompt to install the new version.)


  • Improved servers list truncation when displayed at small sizes
  • Added support for SSH keys that are encrypted after generation
  • The Window menu now contains both windows and tabs
  • Windows are no longer listed as “Untitled” in the Dock and in Mission Control
  • Transmit Disk: Will now present an invalid certificate dialog when appropriate
  • Linked folder navigation can be rooted at different locations when navigating the same volume/server in both file browers
  • Clearer appearance for the “Apply to All” checkbox in the file conflict dialog
  • FTP: Now can set permissions on a newly created file/folder
  • SFTP: group/owner no longer blank for new file/dir


  • Workaround an OS bug on 10.13 when the file browser uses icon view which would cause an error to occur
  • Sparkle: progress bar now reflects the update download progress
  • Fixed the server group address field not always visible when creating a new window
  • Clearing a search will now maintain the file selection in list view


  • September 6, 2017


  • Resolved an issue where the key chooser icon would move unexpectedly on macOS 10.13
  • Fixed a how-on-earth-did-we-miss-that typo in the new conflict resolution sheet


  • September 5, 2017


  • Improved support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Freshly redesigned conflict resolution panel, including a more-obvious Skip button
  • Added support for all OpenSSH formatted key file types
  • Added a warning when deleting items in the Rules and Clouds sections of Preferences



  • Fixed an issue that could cause the activity toolbar button to continuously pulse after operations had completed
  • Added support for showing completed transfers if a group was cancelled before finishing


  • Can now edit resolved symlink files
  • Closing an unsaved file in Transmit’s editor now correctly close the file after saving

macOS 10.13

  • Resolved a crash that could occur when logging into Panic Sync (thanks for your help, Apple)
  • Various animation fixes
  • Fixed Finder tag colors not loading on fresh user accounts
  • Transmit Menu can again be configured to start at login


  • Fixed an issue where skip rules were not being applied properly to file synchronize operations
  • SSH key with passphrases no longer requires multiple unlocks during the same session
  • Migrating from Transmit 4 to 5 now updates the Spotlight metadata files
  • Download Automator actions no longer revert file save location to Desktop
  • File Sync: Operations that will transfer no files now complete successfully
  • Duplicate Servers from History are no longer shown when searching Servers list
  • Transmit Disk: Resolved an issue that could prevent Finder windows from automatically opening directly after new install
  • Fixed an issue where the trial dialog may appear even if registered


  • Dropbox: Resolved and issue that prevented Sign-In with Google accounts
  • SFTP: Fixed an issue with parsing file names from Paramiko SFTP servers
  • SFTP: Improved parser compatibility
  • FTP: Applying permissions to multiple selected files now works as expected
  • FTP: Resolved an issue that prevented connection to Strato (and other) servers over IPv6
  • Google Drive/OneDrive: Fixed an issue that caused excessive memory use during upload operations
  • OneDrive for Business: Resolved an issue that prevented creating multiple, different servers
  • Rackspace: Resolved a crash when disconnecting network during multi-part upload


  • OAuth-based Servers synced from another device no longer continually prompt for login
  • Modified how Sync Encryption Identity is stored in Keychain to mitigate a possible Keychain error


  • Many transition animations are now removed when “Reduce Motion” macOS accessibility setting is enabled
  • Hidden folders now display the proper size on various protocols
  • Resolved an issue with toggling Regular Expression in file filtering
  • Pasting multiple remote URLs now displays in expected order
  • After connecting to server, the menu item for switching back to server list is no longer disabled
  • Fixed an issue where clicking tabs quickly in batch rename causes redraw bugs
  • Pasting an http:// URL into Server address field no longer switches protocol to WebDAV when it is valid
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Quick Connect Cancel button to be disabled
  • Server list addresses no longer get overly compacted after opening a top-level group
  • Link in ‘About Transmit’ window now properly opens in the browser
  • Other improvements and fixes


  • August 4th, 2017


  • Individual file transfers on very fast networks are now up to 20% faster!
  • Brought back the Show Hidden Files toolbar button for quick access
  • Added larger font size options for file browser text



  • Fixed an issue with setting file permissions via VoiceOver
  • Improved VoiceOver labels and selection for server creation sheet

Batch Rename

  • Added support for hidden file extensions
  • Fixed an issue with filename preview not updating
  • Added support for negative index values
  • Counter numbers operations with four or more digits no longer unexpectedly contain comma
  • Counter operation type now adds the correct number of digits to the filename
  • Properly obtain the file extension when the filename has multiple periods


  • Transferring a large number of very small files concurrently no longer causes the UI to lag
  • Updating “Transfer up to n files simultaneously” preference no longer requires a reconnection to the server to be applied
  • Improved memory usage when uploading to cloud-based protocols
  • Backblaze B2: Fixed an issue that prevented transferring files with names containing a comma
  • Amazon S3: fixed an issue that prevented recursive permissions from being applied successfully
  • Skipping folder transfers no longer prevents the expected files from being transferred afterward


  • Resolved an issue that could prevent navigating back to the server root after initial connection
  • Folders no longer report a size of zero when the Inspector is visible
  • Added initial support for pseudo-hierarchical folders and directories


  • Local tab no longer shows remote server name after disconnecting
  • Restored the ability to view security certificates, now in Servers > Certificate Details…
  • “Here’s the plan…” File Sync description now correctly updates when switching sync direction
  • Activity queue now displays file count for pending group transfers
  • Improvements to Japanese localization
  • Restored image dimensions on Quick Look window
  • Disclosure triangle direction in the Inspector now matches macOS
  • Resolving symlink directory in column view now updates file browser
  • Selecting all now highlights correctly in column view


  • Transmit no longer performs “Keep-Alive” connections with Crashlytics on startup when analytics are disabled. (Note: No analytics information was sent in this case.)
  • Linked Folder Navigation now reliably retains state between launches
  • Resolved an issue with Show Invisible Files not working on some FTP servers
  • “Open in Terminal” actions no longer fail when remote shell isn’t Bash or ZSH
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent certain AppleScripts from working
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent connecting to http/s servers using the Authentication Negotiate method
  • Fixed an issue which would make Google Drive uploads slower than expected
  • Calculating remote size will no longer show -1 if the operation can not be completed


  • July 18th, 2017

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