Transmit 4 Release Notes

You can download the latest version of Transmit 4 from our website.

Transmit 4.4.13


  • Transmit 4.4.13 further strengthens the security of auto-updating


  • Improved behavior when adding new custom Amazon S3 Upload Headers


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Released June 28, 2017

Transmit 4.4.12 (30 Apr 2017)

  • Fixed an exception that could occur when connecting to SFTP or FTP servers on macOS 10.12.4
  • Fixed an issue were the first item in a directory may be obscured in list view
  • Restored various animations on macOS 10.12
  • Fixed icon size slider track on macOS 10.12

Transmit 4.4.11 (19 Nov 2015)

This is a Mac App Store specific release which is identical to the 4.4.10 direct download version.

  • Transmit Disk is now compatible with OS X 10.11
  • Applying S3 permissions is now done recursively
  • Transmit now requires OS X 10.9 or newer

Transmit 4.4.10 (19 Nov 2015)

  • Transmit Disk is now compatible with OS X 10.11
  • Applying S3 permissions is now done recursively
  • Transmit now requires OS X 10.9 or newer

Transmit 4.4.8 (19 Sep 2014)

  • Fixes a problem syncing via iCloud.
  • Added toggle fullscreen menu item.
  • New tabs no longer push the status bar off the bottom of the screen in full screen mode.

Transmit 4.4.7 (16 Sep 2014)

  • Added full-screen mode
  • Improved compatibility with S3
  • Improved 10.6 compatibility

Transmit 4.4.6 (05 Feb 2014)

  • Improved reliability of Transmit Disk
  • Passwords from ad-hoc connections are no longer stored in Keychain
  • Added support for the x-amz-acl S3 header
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Get Info window to hang

Transmit 4.4.5 (12 Nov 2013)

  • Fixed a bug migrating Favorites from 4.4.3
  • Fixed the Automator actions on 10.6-10.8

Transmit 4.4.4 (29 Oct 2013)

  • Fixed several issues with Favorites syncing
  • Improved stability when running OS X Mavericks

Transmit 4.4.3 (25 Sep 2013)

  • Fixed an issue preventing Transmit 3 to Transmit 4 favorites migration
  • Fixed an issue with Dropbox sync reliability

Transmit 4.4.2 (10 Sep 2013)

  • Fixed an issue that prevented saving files with an external editor under OS X Mavericks

Transmit 4.4.1 (02 Jul 2013)

  • Fixed a potential crash when using Transmit Disk on a non-admin account
  • Fixed Growl support on 10.6
  • Fixed an issue where NFS shares would not appear properly in the browser
  • Improved DockSend reliability when dragging multiple folders and files
  • Improved Retina compatibility

Transmit 4.4 (07 May 2013)

  • New! The S3 server address can now be modified for non-Amazon S3-compatible servers. (Leave blank for the default.)
  • Fixed an issue with connecting to some Sharepoint servers via WebDAV

Transmit 4.3.4 (01 May 2013)

  • Fixed an issue with Transmit’s UI not responding when trying to perform a folder synchronize on 10.6
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to FTP via TLS/SSL would fail for some servers
  • Fixed a possible crash when Transmit is minimized during a transfer
  • Fixed a possible issue when downloading server favicons for favorites
  • Fixed an issue with Transmit Disk auto-updating

Transmit 4.3.3 (07 Mar 2013)

  • Fixed a possible crash dragging remote files from Coda to Transmit
  • Fixed a possible crash Importing FileZilla favorites
  • Favorites Sync is now more reliable when merging changes from the cloud
  • Transmit Disk can now connect to more key-authorized favorites
  • The dock icon is no longer comically small on 10.6.8
  • Cleaned up General preference pane layout
  • Places window animation has improved on 10.6.8
  • Sorting favorites no longer results in capitalized favorites thinking they are better than non-capitalized ones

Transmit 4.3.2 (14 Feb 2013)

  • Fixed an issue connecting to servers using Private Keys
  • Fixed a problem where some custom Favorite icons could be lost
  • Fixed an issue where Transmit Disk Menu wouldn’t show all Favorites
  • Updated AppleScript and Automator actions

Transmit 4.3 + 4.3.1 (12 Feb 2013)

  • New! Sync your favorites using Dropbox
  • Enable it in Transmit’s General Preferences
  • Set a Master Passphrase to encrypt your passwords for syncing
  • Free Dropbox account, naturally, required
  • Added inaccessible Amazon S3 regions for Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Oregon
  • Fixed a possible issue where using a remote path of “~” would cause unnecessary downloading
  • (4.3.1) Fixed an error when migrating sites that use high port numbers
  • Miscellaneous fixes and engine updates
  • Transmit now requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher

Transmit 4.2 (21 Aug 2012)

  • Fixes some graphics issues on Retina displays
  • Added support for Notification Center in Mac OS X 10.8
  • Fixed a possible error when dragging files from Coda 2
  • Now only uses integrated graphics on supported MacBook Pro models
  • No longer autofills user’s e-mail address for eList signup

Transmit 4.1.9 (04 May 2012)

  • Fixes a possible issue with the Transmit Disk menu extra
  • Fixes a recurring Keychain issue with Mac OS X 10.6
  • Improves Growl compatibility yet again

Transmit 4.1.8 (30 Apr 2012)

  • Fixed a kernel panic with Transmit Disk on Mac OS X 10.8
  • Added support for Growl 1.3
  • Fixed a possible crash when viewing a mount point folder after drive is unmounted
  • Fixed some miscellaneous display issues
  • Fixed an issue where no error message would appear when trying to create a file in a non-writable directory
  • Fixed an issue with double contextual menus
  • Improved compatibility with AS/400 and Personal FTP Server Pro
  • Removed a possible delay when clicking on an item when the browser does not have focus
  • Filtering in the list view file browser now updates the item count
  • Fixed miscellaneous possible crashes and issues

Transmit 4.1.7 (21 Jul 2011)

  • Fixed an issue where Transmit Disk volumes would fail to mount
  • Fixed a Lion issue where line numbers failed to scroll in the editor
  • Favorites sidebar icons are now monochrome to better match Lion

Transmit 4.1.6 (05 Jul 2011)

  • Improved compatibility with OS X Lion (10.7)
  • Added support for AWS Tokyo region
  • Added bookmark importing from Cyberduck 4
  • Dates are now read properly on SabreDAV servers
  • Improved Unicode filename support with download Syncing

Transmit 4.1.5 (27 Jan 2011)

  • Fixes an issue with Transmit Disk
  • Improves compatibility with Automator actions
  • Fixes a possible listing crash with a certain SFTP server
  • S3 permissions are no longer modified when a file is edited

Transmit 4.1.4 (04 Nov 2010)

  • Editing files externally now automatically brings the editor to the front (again)
  • Dragging new empty folders to a WebDAV disk no longer causes an error
  • Downloading a folder with a colon in its name no longer partially fails
  • Importing favorites is now more reliable
  • Fixed an issue with the WebDAV ‘execute’ checkbox in Get Info
  • Fixed an issue with OS/400 servers and the modification date year

Transmit 4.1.3 (20 Oct 2010)

  • Fixed issues with Transmit Disk when running Mac OS X 10.5
  • Significantly improved memory usage with large S3 file uploads
  • Increased the overall performance of Transmit Disk
  • ProFTPd TLS file listings are no longer truncated if using an older server version
  • Exact file size in bytes is now displayed as a tooltip when hovering in the Size column
  • Fixed a rare issue with incorrect file dates on certain servers
  • Command left and right arrow now properly opens folders in Cover Flow
  • Improved interaction with symlinks when the final item has yet to be downloaded
  • Editing in BBEdit / TextWrangler no longer opens a second, empty editor window
  • Password fields no longer allow contextual menus such as autocomplete
  • Resolved issues with SOCKS 5 proxies
  • Improved compatibility with SunOS file listings
  • Improved compatibility with certain VMS servers and initial paths
  • Using “None” in a Skip Files rule while syncing now works more reliably
  • Renaming remote files to begin with a period no longer triggers an extension warning
  • Editing a writable file in a folder that isn’t writable no longer generates an error
  • Files edited with the built-in editor are now UTF-8 by default
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to close a Get Info window during an operation
  • Fixed various exceptions and possible crashes

Transmit 4.1.2 (22 Sep 2010)

  • Transmit Disk now correctly mounts SFTP volumes which don’t support reporting their size
  • ProFTPd TLS file lists are no longer truncated on out of date servers
  • Added option to disable mounted Finder window from opening via a hidden preference
  • Fixed various issues when FileVault is turned on
  • Fixed possible file listing issue when re-connecting to a Windows FTP server
  • Fixed exception when undoing internal editor text encoding change
  • Fixed issue with sorting in the file list when filtering files
  • Fixed possible crash when using S3, notably when using Transmit Disk
  • Fixed exception when trying to FXP transfer a folder with an unresolved symlink in it
  • Fixed possible text truncation in the conflict panel when using German
  • Fixed redraw issue with Tab names after drag reordering them
  • Removed excessive TransmitFSHelper console logging
  • Places path tooltip now will show when hovering over the icon and the caption
  • Other minor changes and fixes

Transmit 4.1.1 (14 Sep 2010)

  • Transmit Disk has been improved dramatically!
  • Now fully compatible with 64-bit kernels
  • .DS_Store files are no longer created on the server
  • Item deletion is now instantaneous, no possible “Empty Trash” required
  • Custom icons can now be pasted onto Transmit Disk volumes
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and overall improvements
  • Can now properly mount password protected public Mobile Me folders
  • Now properly shows volume free space (when available)
  • Added a new ‘Finder Refresh’ command Transmit Disk menu to reload Finder file listings
  • Fixed “Internal Fuse error (rc=0)” when logged in as a non-admin user
  • No longer uses MacFUSE — you can uninstall MacFUSE via System Preferences if you want.
  • Added French and German localizations
  • (4.1 only) Fixed a possible auto-updating problem
  • Added support for proxy configuration via PAC files for WebDAV and S3 connections
  • “Transfer Selected Files” menu item renamed to “Transfer Selected Items”
  • Cmd-O can now be used to connect to (Open) a favorite
  • Significantly improved memory usage during transfers
  • Removed a system alert sound that played after some file operations
  • Double-clicking a droplet in the Finder now connects to the site in Transmit
  • Clicking and dragging in list view to select multiple items now behaves like the Finder
  • Sort ordering for list view is now preserved per-column like the Finder
  • DockSend now follows any rules
  • Getting info on multiple items is now faster
  • WebDAV now supports redirected items
  • ‘Edit with…’ contextual menu now respects custom editors when multiple files are selected
  • Improved general reliability of symlinks
  • Failures changing permissions when uploading a folder no longer interrupt the rest of the upload
  • Fixed an issue where the tab bar could draw at half height
  • Fixed a situation where Passive Mode wasn’t enabled by default for new FTP favorites
  • Fixed crash when enabling linked folder navigation for two remote file browsers
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with progress bar drawing in some cases
  • Delete, move, and copy operations now support continuing after an error
  • Transfer status in the activity view is now readable by VoiceOver
  • Saving changes to a file did not update the file’s date in Transmit when using certain external text editors
  • Filenames containing line break characters no longer cause drawing problems in the activity view
  • Fixed refused connections to certain configurations of FTP-SSL servers
  • No longer send LIST -a to “Personal FTP Server PRO” as it is misinterpreted
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with overlapping fields in the Get Info window
  • Fixed Get Info window not being up to date in certain situations
  • Connecting to a favorite on startup with the prompt for password option enabled no longer displays a sheet that’s not attached to a window
  • Fixed duplicate error messages appearing in list under certain conditions
  • Fixed a hang at the end of an upload for some FTP-SSL servers
  • Improved compatibility with certain UTF-8 file listings
  • Improved reliability of error reporting during certain operations
  • Added compatibility with servers that don’t list a group for “.” and “..” items
  • Fixed some possible UI confusion when creating new Advanced Server Settings
  • Custom transfer complete sounds now play more reliably
  • Improved the reliability of silently retrying after data connection timeouts
  • Fixed an issue with whitespace at the end of passwords being trimmed in some situations
  • QuickLook playback is no longer restarted if Transmit loses focus
  • ASCII files are now interpreted as Latin-1 in the editor to improve compatibility with (broken) files
  • Improved the display of very large item sizes in the Get Info window
  • Column view triangles are now only shown when loading is complete
  • Favorite buttons now properly re-activate when canceling a password-prompt login
  • Fixed a problem with spurious error dialogs
  • Improved reliability copying FTP URLs with login information (via hidden preference)
  • Connections are properly recycled when canceling during certain situations
  • Fixed a situation where PORT mode might be used even if PASV is valid
  • Thumbnail view no longer resets the scroll position when making changes
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes and exceptions

Transmit 4.0.6 (06 Jul 2010)

  • Fixed a possible exception when leaving column view
  • Fixed issue with remote refresh getting stuck after immediate disconnect
  • Fixed a situation where “Loading” flickers constantly in the status bar
  • Fixed a serious issue when working with Amazon S3 buckets created via JetS3t
  • File listings are no longer truncated on certain FTP with TLS/SSL servers
  • Fixed possible AppleScript error when called from 3rd party applications
  • Folder linking with two remote folders now works more reliably
  • Files in subfolders now draw indeterminate progress bar correctly when paused
  • Renaming remote directory with a “.” in name no longer causes unnecessary warning
  • External editing in column view on Mac OS X 10.5 is now more reliable
  • Fixed a “couldn’t get attributes” error when doing Get Info on certain servers

Transmit 4.0.5 (17 Jun 2010)

  • Added a new “Use application for all files” checkbox to the External Editor preferences
  • Transmit Disk now logs into the ‘Remote Path’ specified in a favorite
  • Transmit Disk now works more reliably with symbolic links
  • Fixed an issue with Transmit Disk files becoming truncated in rare situations
  • Local file view now refreshes automatically more reliably
  • Subfolders in the Transfers view now use our magical Double Progress Bar
  • Improved performance when doing remote moves and deletes
  • Improved memory usage
  • Secure certificate reliability has been improved
  • S3 bucket regions are now shown in the Get Info window
  • Fixed a rare issue where the “Move” command could move the wrong item
  • Added support for syncing with Smart Folders
  • DockSend now works better with initial paths that contain non-Latin characters
  • Passwords with special characters (such as € symbols) now work more reliably
  • Droplets now working when both favorite and droplet are set to “prompt for password”
  • Custom alert sounds with spaces in their names now play properly when transfers complete
  • “Preserve modification dates” now works more reliably for both files and folders
  • Fixed a possible double error message when server doesn’t support permissions changes
  • On servers that hate spaces, temporary untitled items will no longer contain spaces
  • Freshly created files will now properly “Open” in list view
  • Transmit Disk now properly deletes items in .Trashes when emptying trash
  • Fixed an issue where “Show Invisible Files” could get out of sync in single pane mode
  • WebDAV: Added compatibility for Folio Cloud servers
  • WebDAV: Enabling default file permissions works better for certain servers
  • Canceling certain S3 uploads no longer shows an inappropriate error message
  • AppleScript: fixed “change location to path” in column view
  • AppleScript: fixed an issue with Automator and the ‘Download’ action
  • Fixed a problem with spurious errors during SFTP downloads
  • Local paths are now correct when you do “Open in Tabs” on a Favorites folder
  • Fixed an issue with broken aliases that could be seen on Drobo devices
  • Improved DockSend reliability when two Favorites share a Local Path
  • “Skip Rules” are now properly applied when calculating the size of a transfer
  • Improved reliability of Mobile Me favorites syncing
  • Amazon S3 permissions are no longer possibly lost during external editing
  • Added compatibility with Air Sharing via HTTPS
  • Bandwidth limiting is now more reliable
  • Added compatibility with CrushFTP servers via TLS/SSL
  • Added compatibility with Unix-style file listings on OS/400 servers
  • Growl notifications are now limited to a fixed number
  • Externally editing symlinks is now more reliable
  • Added compatibility with TViX media players
  • Greatly increased the speed of nested directory listings in column view
  • Transfer modes are now changed properly if overridden in the preferences
  • Username/password fields are no longer cleared when changing the server address
  • Improved the “E-Mail Transcript to Panic” feature
  • Fixed permissions issues with FileZilla servers
  • Improved reliability of external editing when navigating to files using the keyboard
  • Added support for WebDAV servers that redirect to a secure connection
  • Passwords are now always saved in the default keychain, not just the first keychain
  • Renaming files on S3 servers will no longer possibly modify permissions
  • Edit in Transmit will now properly re-cache remote files in case they have changed
  • PORT mode is now used more reliably if PASV connections timeout
  • Improved reliability of many-file Amazon S3 transfers
  • Fixed a circular issue with symlinks that point to symlinks that point to symlinks that point to…
  • Added Transmit Disk compatibility with VSFTPD servers that have require_ssl_reuse enabled
  • The Sync arrow now shows the correct sync direction when changed via AppleScript
  • Canceling remote transfers no longer causes a hang under certain rare conditions
  • Bonjour server listing is now more thorough and displays all servers
  • Uploading files with special characters to Amazon S3 now works more reliably
  • Added compatibility with NetWare servers that have numbers in the owner name
  • Transferring files with Cmd-Down / double click now properly groups files
  • Using Cmd-Up to go up a folder now automatically highlights the enclosing folder
  • When switching between remote and local views, Transmit now returns to the last-used directory
  • Added compatibility with Linux-FTPD/Wu-FTPD style listings
  • Added some support for S3’s new Reduced Redundency Storage via custom headers
  • Local aliases are now be followed when Linked Folder Navigation is enabled
  • S3 New Bucket sheet now remembers the last-used bucket region
  • Fixed a whole batch of possible crashes, exceptions, and tiny little things

Transmit 4.0.4 (13 May 2010)

  • Fixed an issue with Japanese “Get Info” window
  • Fixed “fdopen” error when mounting via Transmit Disk
  • “Instant-Favorite” button properly pre-populates fields again
  • Improved reliability when specifying a file as an initial path
  • Fixed possible crash with server-to-server to transfers via FTP
  • Improved SFTP server compatibility
  • Miscellaneous (obscure) fixes and improvements

Transmit 4.0.3 (12 May 2010)

  • New! “Get Info Inspector” window will automatically update as you select different files
  • New! “Quick Look” now shows image dimensions, and is keyboard controllable, on Mac OS X 10.5
  • Improved reliability of external (and internal) editing of remote files
  • Fixed a blank listing issue with certain FTP servers (notably Mac OS X Client / Localhost)
  • Fixed duplicate folder creation after attempted server-to-server FXP transfer
  • Improved installation and detection of MacFUSE versions
  • iDisk dates are now shown for users with international date formatting
  • Fixed a situation where passive mode would be on even if the preference was off
  • FileZilla favorites are now imported with usernames and passwords
  • Keyboard typeahead now works properly when an item starts with ~ (tilde)
  • The Transmit Disk menu now honors the text encoding setting
  • Fixed a Transmit Disk bug when trying to mount a favorite with a special character in its name
  • Improved performance when dragging a large number of files
  • Get Info activities, such as setting permissions, are now more reliable and improved
  • Errors are no longer reported from AppleScript when “Suppress Errors” is turned on
  • Fixed an issue where FTP timestamps could be plus or minus a minute/hour
  • Increased the spring-loaded folder delay for Mac OS X 10.5
  • The “Mode” menu is no longer grayed out if the Local side is selected
  • Transmit Disk permissions are now more accurately reflected
  • Aliases are now only resolved if the user interacts with an item
  • Dock Sending multiple items will now properly close the window when complete
  • Quick Look downloads are now properly cancelled on window close
  • Fixed a Transmit Disk issue with downloading large files
  • Fixed a rare Transmit Disk issue where files could become corrupt when uploading
  • If turned on, sound is now played when a “Sync” is complete
  • I’m going to be honest, rewriting release notes is not the absolute best part of my job
  • Fixed a possible exception when using “File Size” in a Skip Rule
  • Fixed an exception when downloading from S3 and running out of space
  • Can now tab to the “Where” field in the “Add to Favorites” sheet
  • Moving a Bonjour item from History to Favorites no longer permanently prompts for password
  • Automator actions now properly save their settings
  • Automator sync actions will no longer warn about mirroring behavior
  • Automator/AppleScript reliability improved overall
  • Improved NetWare compatibility
  • Improved AS/400 file listing compatibility
  • Improved CrushFTP TLS/SSL file listing compatibility
  • Fixed various possible crashes

Transmit 4.0.2 (05 May 2010)

  • Fixed possible issues uploading via Transmit Disk
  • Increased SFTP reliability

Transmit 4.0.1 (05 May 2010)

  • Fixed some “Couldn’t verify certificate chain” errors with FTP TLS/SSL
  • Sync now properly shows active progress
  • Sorting “Folders on Top” now works more reliably and regardless of sort direction
  • “Safe Save” will no longer change the user and/or group of an edited file
  • Fixed a potential failure when transferring a file from one server to another via FXP
  • Fixed a potential problem with the “Merge” command doing a “Replace” in certain situations
  • Transmit Disk
  • Increased the speed of file listings, including SFTP
  • No longer creates extended attribute (._) files
  • Fixed a issue with being unable to enter directories on some SFTP servers
  • Improved reliability
  • Amazon S3
  • Improved memory usage and speed
  • Improved reliability of custom upload headers
  • Fixed some potential crashes
  • Added the new Asian Pacific (APAC) Region
  • Fixed a possible issue with default upload permissions
  • “Copy URL” now uses http:// instead of https://
  • Improved reliability of S3 and WebDAV sync when using automatic time offset
  • Duplicate and Copy now work in Thumbnail view
  • The Quick Look window will no longer resize as you step through items
  • “Resume” is no longer a default button in conflict sheets
  • Improved reliability of file listings on FTP servers
  • Droplets and scripts now use the proper default conflict mode
  • Added WebDAV compatibility with, SabreDAV, and various other servers
  • Fixed an issue where directory listings weren’t being retrieved on some servers
  • Fixed issues with SFTP symlinks
  • Fixed issues with non-standard SFTP file listings
  • Fixed a crash with the Transmit Disk menu when font managers are enabled on Mac OS X 10.5
  • Fixed an issue where Places menu items were not always updating
  • Adding a favorite while connected will now set the initial remote path
  • Local images will now refresh in Quick Look windows if changed outside of Transmit
  • TransmitSync now works more reliably on 10.5.8
  • Improved selection of a large group of files
  • Fixed a crash when double-clicking a .DS_Store file
  • Fixed a crash when changing advanced server settings
  • Improved reliability of “Email with Transcript” function
  • Fixed an exception caused by invalid RegEx in the skip files list
  • Clicking in path bar no longer steals keyboard focus
  • Possibly fixed an issue with Places icons not always loading properly
  • The “System Sound” will now play correctly at the end of a transfer
  • Fixed the “CCC” command
  • Fixed possible issues when logging in to a directory you don’t have permission to be in
  • Fixed an issue with Line Numbering and Mac OS X 10.5
  • Fixed various potential (but rare, we swear) crashes

Transmit 4.0 (27 Apr 2010)

  • Everything is new!

Last updated June 28, 2017