Prompt 2 Release Notes

You can find the latest version of Prompt 2 on the App Store.



  • Added optional “Smart Punctuation” support in Keyboard settings
  • Added support for Ed25519 keys for both host key verification and client key exchange
  • Added support for importing and connecting with keys generated using the OpenSSH format
  • Panic Sync: Added 2FA support for sync accounts
  • Panic Sync: Added fine-grained control for merging Panic Sync data
  • Panic Sync: Added support for resetting repositories directly from Prompt


  • Various UI fixes to improve compatibility with iOS 11
  • Fixed an issue where backgrounding the app while in a folder or while editing a server caused the app to incorrectly return to the root servers view.
  • Fixed an issue with the prompt-favorite:// URL scheme when Touch ID was enabled for Prompt authentication.
  • Fixed an issue where system permission alerts on first launch could interfere with opening the app via a URL scheme.
  • Fixed an issue where notifications about expiring sessions could be displayed even after the app was force quit.

Released September 19, 2017


  • Added the ability to remove all Prompt-related data without reinstalling the app
  • Resolved a problem where text color could be displayed incorrectly in extensions
  • Fixed an issue where software arrow keys did not update with theme color change

Released Nov 07, 2016


  • Resolves an issue that prevents certain Powerline glyphs from being displayed

Released Oct 10, 2016


  • Updated the ‘prompt-favorite’ URL scheme to support iOS 10
  • Copy Private Key button is now labeled correctly
  • Global clips menu displays correct names on devices running iOS 9
  • Tab titles are no longer truncated unnecessarily on iPad
  • Added Powerline support for Panic Sans and Courier font types
  • Resolved an issue where key generation could not be cancelled
  • Additional key-related UI improvements

Released Oct 06, 2016


  • Fixed an issue where background text color could incorrectly extend to the line below
  • Fixed an issue where the two-factor authentication prompt was not displayed for some server configurations
  • Fixed an issue where bold fonts were not properly displayed in some cases
  • Added Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts for Page Up and Page Down (Option + Up/Down arrow)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, mostly related to 1Password integration and URL schemes

Released Sep 13, 2016


  • Resolved an issue that could prevent password authentication

Released Jun 24, 2016


  • Resolved an issue that could prevent password authentication

Released Jun 20, 2016


  • Resetting autocomplete from settings now works as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete entries were not saved across app updates.
  • The autocomplete dictionary is now properly updated when a session is terminated with the eject button.
  • Improved handling of synced Server passwords and SSH keys when restoring from an unencrypted iOS backup.
  • The terminal view is no longer shortened after invoking the clips, 1Password, or settings menu in the terminal.
  • The TERM_PROGRAM environment variable is now set properly for all sessions.

Released May 26, 2016


New Features

  • Added six-digit passcode support
  • Added a new monospaced Japanese font (Migu 2M) for better Japanese character support

Bug Fixes

  • The “Extra Keyboard Row” setting now only affects external keyboards.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the terminal being obscured by the software keyboard.
  • Resolved an issue with switching languages using an external keyboard.
  • Fixed a problem when launching Prompt using URL schemes.
  • Resolved an issue with using Japanese keyboards in the terminal.
  • Crash fixes, of course.

Released Mar 15, 2016


Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where certain server configurations resulted in a two-factor alert instead of a standard password input
  • Fixed an issue where selecting text in the terminal could cause the servers list to appear
  • Fixed an issue where backgrounding Prompt with the two-factor alert showing could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the navigation bar to disappear on iPad
  • Fixed an issue where launching Prompt in split view after backgrounding and rotating could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where the passcode lock could be bypassed in some cases
  • Improved visual transparency of the terminal cursor
  • Improved VoiceOver support for the accessory keyboard
  • Several other small bug and crash fixes

Released Feb 24, 2016


New Features

  • Open multiple connections to the same favorite server
  • Tabs! Quickly and easily navigate between open sessions on both iPhone and iPad
  • 3D Touch: Instantly connect to your three most recent servers by 3D Touching the Prompt home screen icon
  • Spotlight Search: Search for Prompt favorites, then open a new connection with just one tap
  • New accessory keys palette gives you instant access to every key you need to send commands with ease
  • Terminal: Choose from four different fonts
  • Improved SSH key management: Passphrases are now associated directly with keys themselves. No more entering passphrases for every server!
  • Themes: Mix-and-match app themes and terminal themes. Light, Dark or both at the same time — it’s up to you!

Additional improvements

  • Improved iPhone 6+ support with better layout in landscape
  • ECDSA is now supported for both server and client authentication (256, 384 and 521 bits)
  • Quickly access all active sessions from the Servers list on iPhone, just a tap away
  • Generate 256-, 384- and 521-bit ECDSA keys right in Prompt
  • Prompt is now more colorful!

Even More

Released Feb 16, 2016


  • Running ‘top’ on a remote Mac no longer causes inappropriate scrolling and line duplication

Released Aug 14, 2015


New Features

  • We added more font sizes to the terminal! Yes, you can now select any size between 7pt and 24pt font for the text in your terminal
  • Added support for Encrypt-then-MAC (EtM) HMACs for improved security.
  • Added a setting to hide the accessory keyboard row on iPhone if a Bluetooth keyboard is connected.

Bug Fixes

  • The rate at which keys auto-repeat on a bluetooth keyboard is now faster.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor sometimes disappeared while using vim inside of Screen.
  • Fixed an issue with inverted colors in nano.
  • Backgrounding Prompt and locking the device no longer causes modifier keys on a Bluetooth keyboard to stop working after returning to Prompt.
  • Modifier keys on a Bluetooth keyboard now autorepeat even when the Autocomplete setting is disabled.
  • Text in the 1Password extension no longer appears invisible when launched from Prompt’s Dark theme.
  • The host key fingerprint dialog now indicates the proper key type instead of always reading RSA.
  • Using the terminal type ‘xterm-color’ no longer causes the bottom status area in Emacs no longer becomes shorter with Page Up/Down.

Released Jul 06, 2015



  • Added a setting for each favorited server with the server’s RSA host key fingerprint value and the ability to “forget” it so a warning is displayed on the next connection.
  • Added strict host key checking so an alert is shown with the RSA host key fingerprint on the first connection to a server. PLEASE NOTE: You will receive this alert on your first connection to a server in 2.1.1, even if you’ve connected to this server on a previous version of Prompt.
  • Added support for Powerline fonts
  • Added a Bluetooth keyboard shortcut (Cmd+K) to clear the scrollback
  • Added support for swipe-to-select to the accessory keys section switch popover
  • Accessory keys now remember most recently selected section on iPhone


  • Fixed an issue where certain two-factor authentication configurations did not connect
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Ask for password’ authentications failed when a backspace was entered with the password
  • Fixed an issue where the setting to hide the accessory row when bluetooth keyboards were connected did not take effect in certain circumstances
  • Fixed wrapped URLs in irssi
  • Fixed an issue where pasting (Cmd+V) with a bluetooth keyboard entered the text into the terminal twice

Released Mar 26, 2015


New Features!

  • Added 1Password action extension support.
  • Added support for server favicons.
  • Added support for PowerLine fonts.
  • Added diffie_hellman_group_exchange_sha256 key exchange algorithm.
  • Added support for two-factor server authentication with public key authentication.
  • Added clear scrollback and forward delete buttons to the terminal keyboard.
  • Added a prompt-favorite:// url scheme so a server in the favorites list can be opened using its nickname.
  • Added support for the Copy and Paste keys on the iPhone 6+ keyboard.
  • The accessory keys row can be hidden if a Bluetooth keyboard is connected.
  • On iPhone, a left-to-right swipe from the edge of the terminal now returns you to the server list. Right-to-left swipes from the edge of the terminal now cycle through currently open connections.

Emulation Improvements

  • Fixed layout issues associated with having emojis and other Unicode characters in the prompt string.
  • Fixed an issue where extra newlines were printed when using tmux and irssi.
  • Fixed a drawing issue that caused the status line to get truncated when scrolling in emacs.
  • Fixed an issue where paging up in ‘less’ inserted lines into the scrollback buffer.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling left in htop caused header redraw issues.
  • Fixed an issue where copying wrapped lines in the terminal inserted erroneous new lines characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the text in the Small font size was clipped in the terminal.
  • Fixed an issue where emoji broke text selection.
  • Fixed an issue where some emoji could not be deleted from the terminal.
  • Fixed an issue where some emoji didn’t remote echo on a server.
  • Fixed an issue where wrapped URLs didn’t work in irssi.
  • Fixed an issue where the settings menu was not tall enough in some localized versions of Prompt.
  • Fixed an issue where URLs that were wrapped onto multiple lines in the terminal didn’t open properly in a browser.
  • Fixed an issue where if text was set to blink, the entire rest of the line would also blink.
  • Improved row spacing
  • Improved the clear screen behavior
  • Improved alternate screen behavior
  • Improved scrollback behavior
  • Fixed incorrect text wrapping in Alpine
  • Fixed page up behavior in Nano
  • Fixed numerous bugs when running Screens or TMUX
  • Fixed issues with scrollback in Irssi
  • Improved selection of Unicode text
  • Improved performance
  • New visual beep and audio beep
  • Added support for an escaped octal sequence
  • Fixed scrollbar thumb glyph not showing correctly in Finch
  • Dragging while selecting text no longer will show the server list on iPad
  • Added support for showing/hiding the cursor when an application requests it
  • Fixed incorrect line wrapping in VI

Other Improvements

  • Improved backgrounding behavior. The app is now badged to indicate the number of server connections that are alive when Prompt goes into the background. A local notification will be displayed when those connections are 30 seconds from dying, giving the user the option to launch Prompt to keep them alive or kill them.
  • Fixed a bug with agent forwarding not being able to access all available ssh keys.
  • Fixed an issue where the server two factor authentication alert view got dismissed when the app entered the background.
  • Fixed an issue where synced servers were not visible when using Panic Sync on multiple devices in different localizations.
  • Fixed some crashes related to Panic Sync.
  • Improved restoration of active terminal session when unlocking Prompt
  • Localization improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where ssh:// urls do not populate the quick connect field properly if passcode is enabled.

Released Mar 05, 2015


  • Fixed some issues with incorrect line wrapping in vi, nano, emacs, midnight commander, etc. that were introduced in 2.0.2
  • Fixed numerous Telnet issues including a bug where it was impossible to connect to a telnet server that required authentication.
  • Fixed telnet local echo bug.
  • Fixed some Sync related crashes.
  • Optimized keyboard accessory view for iPhone 6 and 6+.
  • Improved iPad keyboard accessory keys so it is harder to accidentally trigger keys when attempting a swipe action. The iPad accessory keys can also now be swiped in addition to the area around the keys.
  • Fixed an issue where Prompt displayed special characters (vertical and horizontal lines, etc.) incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the iPad keyboard could become disabled after bringing up the Settings or Clips popovers.
  • Fixed an issue where bringing up the Copy/Paste menu sent an arrow key command. This will resolve an issue with pasting a password into the terminal.
  • Long pressing the Sync Now button in Settings->Sync will now trigger a slow-sync, which will allow for a reset of user data in the cloud.
  • Fixed an issue on the iPhone 6+ where the image on the page up key was the page down image.
  • The TERM_PROGRAM environment variable is now set to Prompt on login.
  • Fixes an issue where a bluetooth keyboard was not immediately connected when Prompt came out of the background.
  • Fixes an issue where the keyboard accessory keys jumped to a different group on iPad if the device was rotated slightly but the orientation did not change.
  • Version 2.0.2 (Oct 29, 2014)
  • Added a settings option to trigger another import of data from Prompt 1
  • Added a settings option to disallow custom keyboards in Prompt
  • Added improved clips management in settings so you can edit clips for all servers without having to be connected.
  • Added the ability to move a clip between global and server clips
  • Fixed a crash involving multi•byte characters
  • Fixed the swiping from left to go back behavior on iPhone outside of the terminal view
  • Panic Sync has been moved to Settings
  • Panic Sync Settings view UI has been improved
  • Various localization fixes.
  • Minor emulation fixes

Released Nov 17, 2014


  • Fixed a possible crash when using Agent Forwarding
  • Fixed an issue where the clear command triggered odd scrolling behavior
  • The list of keys is now sorted alphabetically by name
  • Fixed an issue where updating a key name did not sync the new name
  • Sync is now reauthorized after exceeding failed passcode limit
  • Creating sync account with mismatched passwords now displays the appropriate error message
  • Fixed the unreliable ‘Reset Autocomplete Data’ button on iPad
  • Fixed a text rendering issue on embedded devices
  • Fixed an issue where connecting in landscape and rotating to portrait subverted fullscreen
  • Fixed an issue where rotating iPad to portrait after dismissing keyboard clips terminal area
  • Fixed an issue where server created while logged out of sync was never synced
  • Fixed an issue whereSoft F8 and F16 keyboards didn’t emit code on half of the buttons
  • Switch connection view to Quick Connect when active server deleted
  • Fixed an issue where Sync locks server items
  • Fixed an issue where swiping to switch connections led to a crash
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard disappeared after orientation change
  • Fixed an issue where a white view could get pushed when connecting to invalid ip
  • Fixed an issue where the new iphone 6 landscape arrow keys didn’t work
  • Fixed an issue where Agent Forwarding didn’t use keys that weren’t associated with any server
  • Fixed an issue where Panic Sync login view didn’t limit account passwords to 8 or more characters
  • Disabled Connect button text color adjusted
  • Made folder selection table grouped
  • Moved “Done” Button in Settings to top right
  • Fixed an issue where there was an all black screen after connecting and locking/unlocking
  • Fixed an issue where iPhone 6+ Server Settings
  • Fixed layout problems in Sync modal on iPhone 6 Plus landscape
  • Fixed an issue where having your finger on the touch id button when launching the app caused the app to freeze if touch id was enabled.
  • Added the ability to copy private keys
  • Fixed an issue where if the output was on last line, “clear” didn’t scroll
  • Fixed an issue where swipe to delete was not enabled in the Keys table
  • Made a pretty “About Prompt” screen

Released Oct 18, 2014