Do you support third-party keyboards?

Yes! Third-party keyboards are fully supported. It’s important to note, however, that we only have the ability to suppress auto-correct and predictive text on the native iOS keyboard. This could result in predictions of sensitive information within the terminal. Awkwardly, this is totally beyond our control. To ensure the security of your data, stick with the iOS keyboard while you’re in the terminal.

Do Bluetooth keyboards work?

Oh yes. Arrow keys, text selection, and even all your most-used keyboard shortcuts: ⌘+Z, ⌘+S, and more.

Is there an Alt key?

In most cases, the Esc key does the same thing as the Alt key. Use it!

The Delete key inserts funky control characters in my editor. Fix?

For vim, add :fixdel to your .vimrc file. For emacs, click here.

Can I remap any keyboard keys, like Alt or Caps Lock?

Not currenty, but this is a highly requested feature that will likely make it into Prompt at some point.