No, you shouldn’t install the public beta on your primary Mac/iOS device. If you do, all kinds of unexpected and unpredictable things can happen, and we don’t want you to lose your data.

But I Want the New Shiny!

We’re excited about all the new stuff, too! We’re working very hard to integrate all the great new features and under-the-hood improvements that Apple is rolling out. It’s hard to wait!

Betas are Unstable.

It’s important to remember that beta software is – by definitionunstable.

A beta OS has not been fully tested, and developers like us have no guarantee that everything in the OS will work as our apps expect. More importantly, we have no assurance that these new things are done changing.

While we might fix an issue on our end, Apple may end up fixing it on theirs, or they might make further changes that break our fixes. This is the nature of software development, and we’re used to it. But your data is important, and you need to get work done.

So instead of using untested, broken software that may waste your time and erase your data, we recommend sticking to official, stable releases.

Betas are Unsupported.

We cannot support our apps on unstable, un-tested platforms. For this reason, new versions of iOS and macOS will remain unsupported until they are out of beta and officially released.

Thanks for understanding!