Where can I purchase Coda?

Coda 2 is currently available for $99 USD from panic.com. You will receive a download link and your serial number via email when your purchase is complete.

What about the Mac App Store?

Coda is not currently for sale in the Mac App Store. This is something we’re always evaluating, and we hope to return to the app store one day. You can read more about Coda and the Mac App Store here.

Is there a discounted upgrade price available for owners of Coda 1.x?

There is not. Coda 2 is currently one price for all users.

What about a student discount?

If you’re a student or an educator, we do have a 25% discount available. Should this apply to you, send your details to info@panic.com and we’ll get you set up.

Can I use Coda on more than one Mac?

Yes! Our licenses are per-user, not per-Mac. You can use Coda on all of your Macs provided you are the only user. If multiple people will be using Coda, each person needs their own license.

I’m using an old Mac and want to purchase an older version of Coda. Where can I do that?

Older versions of the app are no longer for sale, but we would be happy to generate a license for any of the older versions provided that you purchase a copy of the latest version. That way, you’ll have the latest version should you ever upgrade to a newer Mac. If this is something you’d like to do, purchase a copy of Coda from panic.com, then email coda@panic.com with your order details.

Is Code Editor included with my purchase of Coda 2?

It is not. Both apps were designed to be fully stand-alone, one not requiring the other.

Where can I find your license agreement and privacy policy?

You can find our plain-english EULA here, and our Privacy Policy here.


We can refund most purchases provided you contact us within 60 days of purchasing the app. Be sure to include your order information when reaching out.


Looking for Reseller info? We’ve got you covered. See our Reseller FAQ for more information.