Is Coda 2.5 a free upgrade?

Yes. Coda 2.5 is free for all Coda 2 owners, to whom we say thanks.

Is upgrade pricing available to Coda 1 owners?

Not currently. There was an upgrade promotion available from May 2012 to October 2014, but that offer has expired.

What about Mac App Store customers?

Coda 2.5 is only available directly from Panic. But don’t worry, we’re migrating Mac App Store customers for free. Here’s how.

  1. Start by installing Coda 2.0.14 from the App Store.

Note: Even though Coda isn’t for sale on the App Store anymore, you can still reinstall it by downloading it from the Purchases section of the store. Searching won’t work; you absolutely must reinstall from Purchases. If you don’t see Coda in your list of purchases, check your account page to make sure you haven’t hidden it.

Click here to be taken directly to your App Store purchases

  1. After downloading 2.0.14, make sure you’ve launched it at least once.

  2. Now download the latest version of Coda 2 from our website

  3. Keep that version in your downloads folder temporarily.

  4. Launch Coda 2.5. It should auto-detect your App Store license and present you with a registration dialog. Enter your Name and email address. A serial number will then be emailed to you. Any email address will do– it doesn’t have to be the same one you used for the App Store.

  5. Once you’ve received your email address you can use it to unlock Coda 2.5. You can now move this version to /Applications, overwriting the existing 2.0.14 version.

From here on out, if you need to reinstall Coda, just download it from our website and use the serial number to unlock it. No need to mess with the App Store.

I tried to migrate my Mac App Store copy, but it’s not working.

Feel free to send us a message and include any error messages being displayed. We’ll help get everything straightened out.