One of the easiest ways to transfer files from your Mac to Coda iOS is to enable the SFTP server on your Mac, then add your Mac as a remote server in Coda. It will allow you secure access to all of your files, so you can grab any local website files you may have stored on your Mac.

  1. Start by enabling your Mac’s SSH/SFTP server by turning on Remote Login in the Sharing pane of System Preferences. Take note of your computer’s name – you’ll need that in a second.
  2. In Coda iOS, add a new SFTP server. Use YourComputerName.local as the server address and your user credentials as your login.
  3. Tap the save button, then tap on your newly saved server.
  4. Tap Remote. You should now be looking at your Mac’s home directory.
  5. Navigate to the directory where you’ve saved your files.

From here, drag any files you’d like to copy to Coda’s local storage by dragging them to the bottom of the pane.