Configuring proxies

Some organizations require that you use a proxy server to access servers outside the organization’s local network.

FTP Proxies

Transmit supports 10 common types of basic FTP proxy server authentication, as well as SOCKS 4, 4a, and 5.

To use a proxy server:

  1. Choose Transmit > Preferences
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Choose a proxy server type from the popup. A description of the proxy authentication process that you’ve chosen appears below the popup.
  4. Enter the proxy server address, port, user name, and password (as required) in the fields provided.

SFTP Proxies

SFTP proxy connections are not supported in Transmit 5 at this time.

HTTP Proxies

Transmit 5 will utilize http proxies specified in the macOS network preferences. Information on configuring these settings in System Preferences can be found on Apple’s Suport Site.

Last updated January 26, 2018